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We accept reservations by phone as well
We will ask for the hotel name, dates, room rank, plan, and so on
We accept reservations by phone as well
Guest rooms and fees
This type of room3there is a room
This type of room6there is a room
This type of room8there is a room
*Prices for two people per room. *Prices include tax. *Prices may vary over the year-end/new year holidays or during other lengthy holiday periods.
Latest information, event services
Meals and drinks on our original menu
We welcome guests with our special facilities and services
VOD free movie
You can see the topic movie quickly! Mini theater only for hotel
Large LCD TV
You can enjoy powerful movies on a large TV!
Bathroom TV (some rooms)
You can relax and watch TV during your bath time.
Blow Bath
This is a bath that sprays out a stream of water containing bubbles.
Abundant amenities
Shampoos are also available for women.
Free breakfast
We provide a free breakfast to guests staying overnight.
Free Wi-Fi
Internet connection in all rooms for free
Credit cards accepted
We accept various credit cards for payment.
BD / DVD player
Bring your favorite movies and live discs to watch on a big screen TV.
Because we want you to always stay clean, we have heated toilet seats.
Air cleaner
If you are concerned about dust or smell, use an air purifier.
There is a microwave in the room, so please use it freely.
Carry-in refrigerator
There is a private refrigerator in the room, so please use it freely.
ホテル ヴィバーチェ
ホテル ヴィバーチェ

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ホテル ヴィバーチェ
Hotel Blue moon

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